The Fastest Way To Create Fun Yet Ultra-Simple Mobile Games  

Without ANY Coding, Technical Skill, Or Investing Tons Of Money

Color Switch created in a Single Day #NoCode

Make games NOW without a degree or certificate.

Access to $10,000+ asset vault

“Hyper Casual Game” System

Lifetime Access with one-time payment option

100% Money Back Guarantee


I created a game that has 275,000,000+ downloads. Take a look at some of the history and let me teach you how to replicate my results.

Proven Student RESULTS

Mashup Hero 10,000,000+ Downloads

How far will you go?

You have a DREAM.

We have a proven path to get you there.


Slow Lane


4+ Year Commitment

Top Colleges Average $200,000+

Learn how to be an employee

Pre-Requisite: HighSchool Diploma

Access: Current Semester Only

Refund Policy: 1 Week

Required to repeat classes you have already taken (Math/English)


Game Designer Pro

Fast Lane


You Choose the time investment

One-time payment of $197 or $19.97 a month

Become an Entrepreneur

Pre-Requisite: None


Refund Policy: 30 Days

Core Game Design Training only

Instructor with verifiable results

I'm so grateful to be a part of this wonderful community! David’s classes articulate the importance of mindset in a way that isn’t just applicable to game design, but to all areas of my life. It's exciting to be able to sit down and take real steps toward my creative endeavors. Thanks for all the help and encouragement David!"

Robbie F.

Voice Actor

"I met David Reichelt at a Bluecloud event in San Francisco and I was always fascinated with his thought process and his success story about Color Switch. I’ve always wanted to learn from him and when this opportunity came up with GDP, I knew it was a no brainer."

Jimmy O.

Game Design Entrepreneur

"Your lessons are helping me so much!!! The positive affirmations...along with the other mindset ideas are GOLD! I started reflecting on my past successes and I realize I’m often focused on my past failures. You literally changed my life..."

Kasey Y.


"Awesome Experiences...I have been thinking differently, not just for games but for many aspects of life... I love these helpful tutorials...!"

Shawn H.

Taekwondo Instructor

"I joined the academy for many reasons, one being that I believe in what the GDP team is doing to be pure and great for people of all skills and ages. I’ve always loved video games but never created one due to the lack of coding knowledge, GDP eliminates that problem and gives me a chance to make something great happen. I’m hoping to learn and build some fun games, but most importantly my kids want to learn, so I plan to use GDP as their guide. As someone who values education, I want to show this program to as many people as possible so they may expand their creativity. I’m exited to be part of this Elite team of creators and hope we all make some great games!"

Javi O.

Entertainment Business

"...I love David's teaching style. He's totally different than your typical college professor, it's a lot more down to earth...he's a guy just like you and me..."

Bobby H.

Graphic Designer

"I am very excited to try a new approach to game development with Game Designer Pro and David! David's story was a huge inspiration to me, and I felt I could relate. (As I'm sure we all can to some extent.)"

Cameron J.

Game Designer

"…the difference between David's instruction and a college professor is he's more of a coach. I feel like his personal success really says a lot. I have my master’s degree as a teacher and I've seen some very good instructors at the colleges around here in California. A lot of times I feel like I'm learning more theory and not practical application, but David is very practical in his instruction he is sharing what made him successful which is more inspiring to me than theory. I am embarking on this venture and hopefully you will see my game in the app store."

Elaine P.

Kindergarten Teacher

"I joined GDP out of pure interest and a desire to expand my horizons while trying something new. It's exciting to be involved with GDP and explore the possibility of an alternate passion."

Anthony M.


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